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The Gardens Apartments Brisbane

The Gardens is a long-term residential apartment complex in the heart of Brisbane. Founded in the late 1970s, it was among the first residential buildings to be built in the city and became an oasis of beautiful gardens, stunning views and peaceful living. The Gardens is conveniently located just across the street from the Botanical Gardens and close to all the amenities of city life. With cafes, restaurants, gyms, shopping, universities, public transportation and more at your doorstep, The Gardens is a slice of paradise in the hustle and bustle of Queensland's capital city. 


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Having just taken over the business in January of 2017 alongside my brother Marcello, The Gardens has become home for my fiance, Laura, and myself. We have moved to Brisbane from Wellington, New Zealand, where we owned and operated a family restaurant. My brother first proposed the idea of becoming the Caretakers for The Gardens in early last year and after popping on a plane to visit, I knew immediately it was where I wanted to be.

We have finally completed the transition into the building and as the days go by, we grow more familiar with this beautiful site and the extensive knowledge that comes with undertaking such a commitment. 

Here at The Gardens, it is our goal to provide a sanctuary in which the site, the amenities, and security of the building is meticulously cared for. We endeavour to maintain the carefully constructed community so that the residents can feel relaxed and at ease when they come home, and know who to go to if anything requires attention. 

We welcome owners and tenants to come and introduce themselves. As our front desk is located in the main building lobby and we live onsite, we are available to the residents for assistance, just pop in and ask!  As new residents of this building, we look forward to learning more about our neighbours and this established community. 

Kindest regards,

Jon Abbate
Caretaker & Letting Agent

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our services & office hours

At The Gardens Apartments Brisbane, we provide three main services: 

  • Caretaking of The Gardens and its residents, including tenants and owners
  • Property rentals and onsite rental management
  • Property maintenance, including basic handyman work

Coming soon: 
Property sales

Office hours: (located in the main building lobby)

  • Monday - Thursday: 9am - 4:30pm
  • Friday: 9am - 12:30pm
  • Weekends and holidays: Contactable via our emergency line at all hours

Contact details: 

Phone: (07) 3221 1389
Address: 204 Alice Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

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