Services Offered by Building Management

Tao Way purchased The Gardens Building Management rights in January of 2017. Headed by Jon and Marcello Abbate, as well as Jon’s wife Laura, the management of The Gardens is a family operated business in which the interests and needs of the residents and owners are put first. Jon and Laura offer an array of services for the property owners, tenants and residents, such as:

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Property Management

Looking for someone to manage your rental property here at The Gardens? Jon and Laura Abbate, the onsite building management team, are experienced in property management and live onsite full time. They are happy to answer any questions you have, organise a consultation, or make an appointment to discuss their management process and create a tailored plan to suit your investment property.

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maintenance & Design

Jon Abbate is a highly experienced tradesperson who has spent over a decade cultivating his building skills and nearly three decades working as a professional project manager within a variety of fields, such as IT, Telecommunications, Education, and Construction. If you are interested in handyman work or a project manager for a full renovation, please don’t hesitate to contact Jon for a consultation or for more information.

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building management

A note from Jon & Marcello Abbate:

“Here at The Gardens, it is our goal to provide a sanctuary in which the site, the amenities, and security of the building are meticulously cared for. We endeavour to maintain the carefully constructed community so that the residents can feel relaxed and at ease when they come home, and know who to go to if anything requires attention.”